Non-residents and International Organisations

For years, we at TaxFin have been assisting non-residents who wish to relocate to Italy, managing branches and permanent quarters of foreign companies, from a legal and fiscal point of view, as well as directly interacting with offices abroad. We can prepare English-language documentation such as business statements accompanied by financial, social and environmental information; tax planning; explanatory prospectuses of income statements; board meetings; management reports and audits, directly interacting with the offices abroad. At TaxFin we also guarantee completeness of information and security, in compliance with legal and fiscal obligations of all foreigners who intend to start a business, work, invest or move their residence to Italy.

We specialise in assisting employees and persons retired from international organisations (FAO, IFAD, WFP, ICCROM, Bioversity, WHO, etc.).

We network with Mr Alexander v.Pinocci, IRS Tax Professional, directly, for US citizens who reside in Italy and need to submit the “1040” form in the USA.

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